Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Take Nothing For Granted

"Let today be a day where you take nothing for granted. For life is fleeting, fragile and precious
and can change on a whim. Say all the things you really want to say to your loved ones today, say the things you would regret should they pass on and your words remain unspoken."
 ~ Jackson Kiddard

We just finished reading "The Age of Miracles" with my book club, which is an "end of the world" type of story. As we discussed what we would do if we found out that the end of the world was coming, it struck me that we really never know how much time we have left. We usually believe that things will stay the way they are for a while, so we can spend time with loved ones in the future or say things we want to say some other time. 

But really, who knows what will change tomorrow, next week or next month? It goes back to finding happiness in the present, rather than waiting to reach some goal in the future. Why not create some precious and meaningful moments right now?

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